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Knockout performance by YMCA Norfolk team 

KnockoutRaft400YMCA Norfolk joined seven other teams from around Norfolk for an Active Norfolk It’s A Knockout evening of adventure activities at Whitlingham Broad Outdoor Education Centre near Norwich on August 12. Catherine Watling reports.

The enthusiastic YMCA Norfolk team competed in: rafting, arrows, paddle boarding and kayaking. The activities are some of those included in the YMCA’s own ‘Broads Project’ for young people.
Rafting was the team’s first event and straight away they got drenched. Four people to a raft had to paddle the vessel a distance on the lake around a buoy then swap with the other members of the team on the shore to complete the circuit again. Each completed circuit meant a point. As a team we completed very few as we found it difficult to stay on the raft let alone navigate it around the course. Other teams found this an issue too, hence being soaked from the start of the evening.
The next event was to shoot arrows to stick onto a board to score points. To be able to shoot the arrows though, the rest of the team had to first successfully get six tennis balls from one end of a course to the other via half pipes.  Great team morale, good communication and motivation helped us to actually win this event.
Next up was using the paddleboard to complete a circuit on the water in a relay. It was like a scene out of Baywatch, seeing each member glide across the water on their fronts on the board, paddling around a buoy to then come back to see the next member complete the circuit. Hard work was eased with the continuous effort of team mates cheering each other on.
KnockoutPaddleboard400The final activity was a two-man kayaking slalom. This proved to be another decent event for the team as each pair of kayakers powered through the water at speed to effectively score high points. There were some interesting but funny sights as members struggled to get out of the kayak for the next pair to get in.
All-in-all the team did really well. At the end the scores and positions of each team were called out, and to our delight we came joint third. This proves what a bit of determination, good team communication and morale can achieve.
Well done team YMCA Norfolk!
The team included: Catherine Watling, Charlie Smith, Mike Mills, Joe Bickerdike, Joe Fisher, Keith Willers and Ella Malloy. 

 News and Events 
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